to an unrivaled and interconnected network of like minded oral + systemic health focused start-ups and industry leaders.

Our Mission,

To create a pathway between oral + systemic health start-ups and industry leading brands and institutions to yield cutting edge innovations that lead to better patient outcomes.

Our Vision,

Be the right hand for your start-up. When things go well, we are the first person they call to celebrate. When it hits the fan, we are the first person they call for perspective and advice. Be the trusted beacon for up-and-coming start-ups in the industry. Garner their respect with a proven track record and deep due diligence. Have a fierce commitment to honesty, candor, and confidentiality. Provide a gateway for start-ups to connect with key industry decision-makers. Create novel products and services, new verticals, and better products and services that impact health outcomes.

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What We Do

Advisory. Expertise. Networking. We join a start-up team to help founders and leaders strategize and execute their top priorities, whatever they may be. We offer our services — along with a proven track record — and dedicate our time to helping start-ups in the Barchester Bay Group meet and exceed their goals.

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Why Barchester Bay Group?

Oral health is a sector with growing innovation. However, it is under-supported from an entrepreneurial resource perspective: general and strategic management, funding, and understanding of how to make truly successful provider or patient-centered products and services. The current state of the dental industry allows for opportunities to make product and service offerings more central, efficient, modern, and compatible.

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How We Do It

We drive top leaders to best-in-class resources and form robust networks. This enables them to produce cutting-edge products and services that lead to better health outcomes. We will bridge the gap between start-ups and our network — including leaders in oral health venture capital, clinical practice, insurance, manufacturing, distribution, professional associations, DSO's, all practices, industry media, and more. Our goal is to work with like-minded leaders who are the best at what they do — regardless of idea or company size — to drive optimal partnerships that maximize outcomes.

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Our Services

Our motivation is to help our clients, each other, and the dental industry. Barchester Bay Group brings a combined clinical, entrepreneurial, and management background with a proven track record across 30+ companies. See how we inspire the type of leaders and innovations that represent how we, ourselves, would actually want to be treated.